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Become a volunteer for VCARSThe Role of a Crisis Support Volunteer

The primary role of Victim Services volunteers is to provide immediate crisis support to victims of crime, tragedy or disaster. This includes short-term emotional support, practical assistance and referrals to community partners. Services can be provided directly on site or by telephone.

Victim Services volunteers offer assistance in many ways dependent upon the type of occurrence. They suggest appropriate options and choices at a time when victims are not always able to make sound decisions due to traumatic circumstances.

Victim Services volunteers listen empathetically, validate feelings, provide follow up subsequent to police investigation and deliver information and referrals for longer term assistance and support.

Volunteer Recruitment

Timmins and District Victim Service sis always looking to expand their volunteer roster and recruit new volunteers. Volunteer recruitment and training typically takes place on an annual basis and is scheduled to occur in the fall.


  • Minimum 18 years of age
  • Available to be on rotational call
  • Consent to a Release of Information enabling police to perform criminal records checks
  • Available to attend the mandatory 40 hours of initial training as well as regularly scheduled monthly training sessions
  • Able to maintain respectful and professional relationship boundaries with police and other emergency service providers


  • Strong communication skills, especially in the area of empathic listening
  • Ability to cope under stress in crisis situations
  • Ability to respect confidentiality and attend to victims with a non-judgmental approach
  • Ability to meet time commitment of ongoing monthly training
  • Reliability in being available for scheduled shifts
  • Ability to work both independently and as a member of a team

Application & Screening Process

Individuals wishing consideration can apply by contacting Victim Services staff directly or applying online.

In addition to the application form, applicants are required to fill out consent to personal information disclosure form, a confidentiality agreement, a length of commitment agreement as well as information specific to drivers license and automobile insurance.

A release giving authority to the local police to perform criminal records checks must be signed by the potential candidate and submitted to their local police service before the application can be considered. Please note that local police officers are given the opportunity to review and consider any/all applicants.

Once the initial application process is complete, the applicant moves into the screening process, which includes:

  • A formal interview that will be conducted by a panel of individuals that may consist of Victim Services staff, Board of Directors, Volunteers and local Police Officers.
  • Personal and professional reference calls that will be made by Victim Services staff.

Training Process

Successful candidates accepted for training will be notified of the time, dates, location and sessions of the upcoming training.

VCARS Volunteers are mandated to attend 40-hours of training as set out by the Ministry of the Attorney General. Facilitators from local social service agencies and police officers/emergency personnel attend training as guest speakers so that volunteers may learn from a broad spectrum of professionals in the field. They also become familiar with the services available in their community.

Volunteers learn a wide range of listening, crisis intervention and crisis management techniques. Training topics include: Communications, Crisis Intervention, Domestic Violence, Debriefing, Elder Abuse, Property Crime, Sexual Assault, Self-care, Suicide and Sudden Death.


Training is concluded with a final evaluation. Applicant's suitability, attendance, observed interest and participation during the training, together with the results of the final evaluation will be used to determine whether the individual is suitable or requires further training before certification.


Upon successful completion of training, volunteers are required to sign an oath of confidentiality.


For more information on how you can become a Victim Services Volunteer, please contact (705) 360-8700 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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