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Victim Quick ResponseThese services are quick and easy to access. Once victims are connected to the designated agency in their community, they receive the help they need to access the services. The services must be requested no later than 14 days after the crime is reported. 


In all cases, service providers are paid directly by the VQRP rather than the victim. 

Eligible victims may request the following services: 

1. Funding to cover emergency expenses to a combined maximum, per occurrence, not to exceed $1,000 for: 

a. Costs incurred in crime scene cleanup where the use of a specialized service is required 

b. Funding to cover emergency home repairs to secure premises for the immediate safety of victims. 

• Emergency home repair funding is NOT intended to replace broken items unless the item is necessary for the safety and security of the victim.

Examples of eligible costs include but are not limited to: 

• Installing plywood sheets over broken windows 

• Replacing broken locks on doors 

• Repairing or replacing primary telephone or cell phone if existing one is broken 

• Repairing telephone lines if lines were cut • Reconnecting electricity or gas lines if cut. 

c. Transportation costs for the most economical and practical means of travel to support a victim who has suffered emotional and/or physical harm as a result of violent crime or to enable a family member to identify a victim of homicide.

These costs include: 

• Air, rail or bus ticket, or 

• Pre-paid gas card, or 

• Gas or mileage expenses incurred by the service delivery organization’s volunteers, in accordance with related expense policies of the organization. 

d. Emergency child care and dependent care for elderly or special needs dependents to support a victim who has suffered emotional and/or physical harm as a result of violent crime or to enable a family member to identify a victim of homicide. Licensed and non-licensed caregivers must provide an invoice for services. 

e. Emergency accommodation and meals where there are no secure housing options available. 

2. Funeral expense assistance up to $5,000 for eligible families of homicide victims. 

3. Short-term, early intervention counselling to help reduce the impact of the crime. Private counselling fees are covered in cases where publicly funded counselling services are not available on a timely basis due to wait lists or distance. In such cases counselling will be covered to a maximum of 10 sessions or $1,000. 

For more information or to access the Victim Quick Response Program (VQRP) contact Timmins and District Victim Services.

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